Visitteijo | Official tourist information in Teijo National Park area

Teijo Offers you the experience-rich free time all year year round. Maritime nature creates great setting for active vacations and the idyllic ironworks-villages - Mathildedal, Teijo and Kirjakkala - take you on a fascinating trip through the centuries.

The Teijo national park, located in the middle of an old cultural landscape, offers fun and activities in the middle of nature for the whole family. The area provides the perfect setting for a one-day stay or a slightly longer visit.

The Teijo region is also known fot its historical mansion, the smallest stone church in Finland, its golf course and its ski resort. Newer acquaintances in the area include the village shop, brewery and baker in the charming village of Mathildedal.

The Teijo region is from

  • Salo 20 km
  • Turku 77 km
  • Helsinki 135 km
  • Tampere 180 km

Arrival is easiest by car. The nearest train station is in Salo.
The coordinaters are     60°13,3' 22°54,1*

Here is Teijo regional map                        pdf_ikoni

Here is Kirjakkala ironworks map           pdf_ikoni

Hee is Teijo national park map north      pdf_ikoni

Here is Teijo national park map south    pdf_ikoni

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